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WTEC, TMAC Partner to Support Manufacturing-Industry Entrepreneurs

AMARILLO, Texas — The WT Enterprise Center and the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center are continuing a series of workshops to help local manufacturers streamline production. The partnership between the WTEC, a department of West Texas A&M University’s Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, and TMAC will assist entrepreneurs in creating and improving processes, products… Read more »

WTEC Introduces New Program for Entrepreneurial Finance Leaders

WTEC Introduces New Program for Entrepreneurial Finance Leaders AMARILLO, Texas – The WT Enterprise Center is launching an exclusive paid program beginning Feb. 20 designed to offer vital insights for key leaders of local businesses. The Financial Leadership program will be led by Eric Alexander, president of Six Arrows Consulting and former CFO of Happy… Read more »

WTEC to Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week in November

AMARILLO, Texas – The WT Enterprise Center will collaborate with several community partners to host Global Entrepreneurship Week from Nov. 13 to 17. The week of events will engage, educate and celebrate business owners in the Texas Panhandle by connecting them with support organizations to promote and grow the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Texas Panhandle, said… Read more »

Applications to Open Oct. 31 for 2023-24 Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge

AMARILLO, Texas – Applications will open Oct. 31 for the WT Enterprise Center’s 2023-24 Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge. This year, primary business owners located in Potter or Randall County can compete for award amounts up to $75,000 to grow their business. The total prize pool is $300,000. Business owners can apply at and must attend one mandatory orientation to… Read more »

WT Enterprise Center to Provide ‘Blueprint’ for Entrepreneurial Success

AMARILLO, Texas – Aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to build business success have a new Blueprint to follow, thanks to the WT Enterprise Center and America’s SBDC at WTAMU. The units of WT’s Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business are launching Blueprint, a program focused on finding new successful ways to build start-up businesses. “Participants of the Blueprint program will leave with… Read more »

How Coworking Can Jumpstart Your Early Stage Business

Entrepreneurs and freelancers focused on building their businesses frequently find themselves working in a bubble. This laser focus and determination creates a vacuum that helps them build their business, but it also seals them off from outside input and ideas. Coworking spaces help pierce this bubble and inject fresh ideas and creative input into the… Read more »

6 Challenges Every Entrepreneur Knows to be True

Opening a business is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It is an opportunity to chart your own course and pursue the possibilities you desire. The challenges entrepreneurs will face vary depending on the industry, but there are some universal challenges that all entrepreneurs must rise above on their road to… Read more »

5 Crucial Reasons Your Business Needs a Business Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Developing a business plan is imperative and should address all aspects of your business from capital and marketing to taxes and operations. While there are many reasons a business needs a business plan, the following are the five most crucial reasons to consider.  1. It Creates A Framework… Read more »

“How’s the Weather Where You Work?”

Written by Coco Duckworth, Advisory Board Member of the WT Enterprise Center. Remember the old question, “Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?” A thermostat changes the temperature in an environment; the other only reflects the current temperature. As a business coach, I believe everyone carries within them the “super power” to affect the weather… Read more »