5 Crucial Reasons Your Business Needs a Business Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Developing a business plan is imperative and should address all aspects of your business from capital and marketing to taxes and operations.

While there are many reasons a business needs a business plan, the following are the five most crucial reasons to consider.

 1. It Creates A Framework For Achieving Goals And Objectives

Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success, and those who reach the pinnacle of success do so using their business plan as a guide. A business plan, like a road map, lays out the steps you need to follow as you aim for the goals and objectives you want to accomplish. Having these smaller steps to focus on makes it easier to know whether you are on track or slipping off course.

2. A Business Plan Sharpens Your Focus

It is easy to get distracted doing the day-to-day tasks your business requires. If you are not careful, these daily detours can become permanent pit stops on the road to success. A solid business plan can provide guidance and direction that you can stick to as obstacles emerge.

3. Planning is Essential for Financing

Any business that wants to receive financing from a bank or an investor is going to need to put in writing how they plan to achieve their goals and repay the loan. Lenders will carefully consider the information that is outlined and will likely make recommendations on elements that need to be altered, added, or reconsidered.

4. It Creates Stability

No plan ever survives first contact with a customer. Customer needs and interests will change, technology will evolve, and your competitors are going to throw curveballs and fastballs at you. These things are inevitable. Businesses that survive within the market are businesses that can keep their core operations steady as they shift direction to keep up with the evolving marketplace. A business plan allows you to factor in the unforeseen and prepare for it before it lands on your desk.

5. Can be Used as a Communication Tool

A business plan can be used as communication tool in many different ways.  The business plan is used to communicate to potential investors, team members, and to share goals with the public. A great utilization of a business plan with teams is to help everybody be on the same page about the companies goals and objectives.


The WT Enterprise Center works with local entrepreneurs to strategize business plans that will take you down the path you want to follow. For over 15 years, we have helped dozens of businesses succeed in Amarillo and beyond.

We are ready to help you polish your plan and prepare for the road ahead.

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