The WT Enterprise Center is partnering with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center to provide a series of workshops to help local manufacturers streamline production within their business.

This partnership between the WTEC, a department of the WT Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, and TMAC will to assist entrepreneurs in finding the support in areas such as developing processes, improving products, technologies, people and thus business revenues.

For manufacturing entrepreneurs looking to apply for membership into The Incubator program, TMAC will assist in the creation of facility layout designs for entrepreneurs within the manufacturing industry and assist in organizing current and future space needs for incoming companies.  TMAC will also present improvement sessions on manufacturing relevant topics that any manufacturing entrepreneur may attend every month. Those topics include workshops and courses in areas to help manufacturers understand the benefits of simulations, communication, workplace culture, business growth, data analysis, problem solving strategies, strategic planning, product improvement and development, prototyping, safety, and other subjects as available.

These sessions will be coordinated to run once a month and will include one-on-one coaching sessions for the manufacturing members of The Incubator program at the WTEC, 2300 N. Western St. in Amarillo.


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July 24 - Strong Leaders & Strong Teams | Chicken/Egg Development Challenge

Should you focus on building a strong team or a strong leader first in the workplace?

Much like the age-old debate of the chicken or the egg, you learn how to  explore the relationship between teamwork and leadership. Practical strategies aimed at developing both leadership skills and teamwork dynamics will be covered.

August 21 - Uncovering Hidden Waste

This workshop will equip you with the skills to identify and eliminate duplication in processes while also improving communication in the workplace. Learn how to utilize value stream mapping and streamline workflows effectively.