Winning, settling, and losing lawsuits are always regrettable experiences for entrepreneurs and their businesses, and more often than not, winning the case in court is not as good as not going to court in the first place.


HR Pro is, developed by Mirarchi Management Group for use in partnership with the WT Enterprise Center, and offers practical advice for handling employee relations situations with good judgment, sensitivity and high confidence.

HR Pro training will begin from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on March 19 at the WT Enterprise Center, 2300 N. Western Street. in Amarillo, and will continue once a month for 10 months. Deadline to apply is March 13.

Participants will earn 18 Human Resource Certification Institute recertification credit hours and 18 Society for Human Resource Management professional development credits on completion. The training program will include personalized interaction with an experienced HR professionals and peers in a confidential setting.

A unique aspect of the program is “Reset The Clock,” through which HR professionals will receive judicially recognized training to draw a legal line to protect an organization and to enable an entrepreneur to move forward ethically, legally and confidently.

HR professionals will gain practical insight into navigating the complexities of employee relations, fostering a workplace culture rooted in fair and ethical practices. The program underscores the commitment of the WT Enterprise Center and Mirarchi Management Group to empower organizations with the knowledge necessary for effective and legally sound HR management.

The HR Pro training program is in-person only. The cost is $3,000 per individual and can be paid in person with a card or by mail with a check.


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