The Founders Club is a peer-to-peer group coaching program for decision makers only. Membership is limited to CEOs, presidents, founders, and owners of a private company. Founders Club provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to connect and learn from peers, discover best practices and resources for growth, share strategic initiatives, and provide valuable feedback for others.

By contributing to facilitated discussions and group coaching, members help enhance the achievement of all Founders’ personal and professional goals. Each member commits to share their issues, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, business strategies, systems, and goals in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

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Application Process

Each member of the group must submit an application for approval into the group.

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Annual Membership Founders Clubs Dues

Each member must pay a yearly membership that can be billed annually or bi-annually.

Benefits include:

• Group trainings led by experts
• Individual coaching
• Club member employee training program
• Catered meals at every meeting
• Community events
• Access to WTEC facilities
• Network of growth-oriented entrepreneurs
• Access to wide range of resources