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Kevin Carter

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
Kevin Carter & the Amarillo EDC

Keeping it Local: An Interview with Kevin Carter, President & CEO of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) For 30 years, the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) has worked with businesses to grow the jobs in our area. While most states require state approval for business development, the state of Texas offers economic development atTags: , , , , ,

Mark Wingate

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
Investing in Amarillo & the WTEC

Amarillo Businessman Invests in Hometown and the WT Enterprise Center Mark Wingate is a multi-generational entrepreneur who does business around the world with his company Maxivolt. Despite offers to move his company to bigger cities, his love of Amarillo has made him a permanent resident. As Wingate explains, he was on the ground floor inTags: , , , ,

David Prescott

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
Passion for Business with David Prescott

A Passion for Business: Talon/LPE’s David Prescott Shares Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs There are few local businesses that are as well known in the Texas panhandle as Talon/LPE. A local environmental consulting company, many panhandle residents have seen the company’s logo at worksites throughout the area, but they may not be aware of the level of economicTags: , , , , ,

Coco & Brian

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
Lightbulb Moments
with Coco & Brian

Lightbulb Moments: Insights from Coco Duckworth and Brian Enevoldsen How exciting is it to watch the entrepreneurs you help launch their businesses and grow? Coco: It’s an honor to work with people who have either a good idea or an existing business that they want to grow. There are just so many of us thatTags: , , , ,

WT Enterprise Center Building

Press Release: WT Enterprise Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service to the Panhandle

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 16, 2021 David M. Wilson, Marketing Manager WT Enterprise Center (806) 374-9777 WT Enterprise Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service to the Panhandle Amarillo, Texas: The WT Enterprise Center (WTEC), a department of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business at West Texas A&M University, is celebrating its 20th… Read more »

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
Lloyd Brown & the AEC

Eyes on the Prize: A Look at the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge with Lloyd Brown Since 1995, Amarillo-area entrepreneurs looking to test their business plans have had an incredible opportunity through the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge. More than 90 businesses have been awarded grants through the program totaling beyond $6.3 million. The grants have allowed some ofTags: , , , , ,

BTG Products

20th Anniversary Spotlight:
BTG Products

Getting Down and Not So Dirty: A Conversation with Buffalo Technology Group’s Dr. Emily Hunt & Benton Allen How would you describe BTG Products to someone who has never heard of you before? Benton: It’s an evolving statement because there is some level where our spouses still don’t know exactly what we do. Copper CleanTags: , , , , ,