Global Entrepreneurship Week Spotlight – Sage Oil Vac

Sage Oil Vac has revolutionized the mobile lube industry, not only in the Texas Panhandle but also on a global scale. The family-owned and -operated business manufactures specially designed oil vac systems, a faster and cleaner alternative to traditional oil changing systems.

With more than 20 years of experience, Sage Oil Vac has established itself as a leader in both the mechanical lubrication industry and the realm of entrepreneurship. The company strives to build on-site maintenance and oil-change equipment for companies that cannot always take their equipment to shops for oil changes.

When the business first began, however, Gary Sage was the only employee, and the company headquarters was located in his garage.

Sage developed the very first oil vac system in 1994 to change the oil in his irrigation equipment without spilling it on himself or the ground. The system proved not only to be less messy than traditional oil change equipment but also more efficient.

When Sage realized other people could benefit from his product as well, he began selling it to local farmers and ranchers. Demand for the product grew, and so did Sage’s ambition.

Unfortunately, turning the garage business into a full-time operation proved to be a greater challenge than Sage had anticipated.

“My dad was very good at inventing the product, selling the product, building it and making it better,” Aaron Sage, Gary’s son and current CEO of Sage Oil Vac, said in an interview with the WT Enterprise Center. “He needed to gain some knowledge on how to manage the business side of it.”

To develop these skills required to take his business to the next level, Gary Sage entered the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge. In 2001, the garage business relocated from the Dalhart Farm to the WT Enterprise Center in Amarillo, Texas. Soon after, the business took off.

In 2004, Sage Oil Vac secured a partnership with the Army Reserves. The business doubled in size, expanded its facilities and began serving more customers across the nation. Three years later, Sage Oil Vac developed the wind GOEX system, forever changing the way oil is changed in wind turbines. This revolutionary invention opened up even more opportunities for the business, gaining them international dealers and distributors in Australia and Europe.

As a testimony to the company’s success, the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce awarded Sage Oil Vac the Top Small Business of the Year Award in 2012. In 2014, the United States Department of Congress awarded the brand the Presidential “E” Award for growth in exports.

But, the now million-dollar business has yet to let their success impact their original mission.

“We’re just as committed to bringing efficiency and environmental responsibility to consumers through the use of our mobile lube equipment as we were in 1993,” Aaron Sage said in an interview with Work Truck. “Those that choose to ‘change with Sage,’ do so because of the guaranteed quality equipment and unbeatable customer service.”


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