Invest in your business for 2024!

We are proud to present a new training program – Financial Leadership – presented by Eric Alexander, President of Six Arrows Consulting former, Happy State Bank CFO. As a company scales, the needs of the company scale with it as well as the demand on the leaders within the organization. One of the most challenging areas to manage in a growing business can be your finances. What was once basic billing and receivables grows quickly into debt management, projecting cash flow and demanding leadership skills. Investing in the right financial leader is imperative to having a financial foundation you can trust and build upon.

Limited to 15 participants, this 10-month program will provide finance leaders with group sessions and individualized coaching to explore keys to effectiveness and strategies for personal and professional growth in their vital roles. A one-time program fee of $3,000 includes an orientation, extensive working lunch sessions, individual coaching and a completion ceremony.

Finance leaders will participate in deep-dive conversations about challenges and opportunities for their growth, interact with third parties for valuable perspectives on finance leadership, and gain understanding of the non-negotiable characteristics of an effective finance leader. After completing the program, they will have a better understanding of how to add significant value as steward leaders in their organizations.

Sign your company’s financial leader up to sharpen their financial leadership skills!

Having served in financial leadership roles for over 30 years and with 20 of those in the CFO role, I understand the joys and challenges of financial leadership. Whether you are an accounting supervisor, accounting manager, controller or CFO, this program is for you. We'll explore together how to serve effectively in your role -- that important role that involves honorable work, which is also often really hard work. - Eric Alexander, President of Six Arrows Consulting