Kyle Ingham

Local Government Services Director

Kyle G. Ingham is a dual graduate from West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas with an undergraduate degree in General Business and a Master’s Degree in Political Science.  Kyle began his career with the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission in 2000 as an intern and has held positions responsible for criminal justice, hazard mitigation, solid waste management, Community Development Block Grants, contract City Management, regional water planning, regional transportation planning, and economic development planning.  Since 2008 Kyle has served as the Local Government Services Director overseeing both the Economic Development and Local Government Services Departments of the PRPC.

Kyle has two children, Allison and Kahlon, with his wife of 15 years, Lesley.  He spends as much time as possible enjoying outdoor adventure activities and soccer with his family.  Kyle’s general philosophy on Economic Development is that as the fundamental needs of a community and/or region are met there are ever increasing opportunities for economic development and diversification if the entities involved are willing to explore them.