Braden Black, KT Black Services

Expertise: Revenue Growth, Operations and Funding

Jason Boyett, Jason Boyett, LLC

Expertise: Marketing, Social Media, Advertising & Communication

Coco Duckworth, Encourage Consulting

Expertise: Marketing, Strategic Planning, Team Building & Leadership

Mark Gilbreath, Caprock Building Systems

Expertise: Project Construction, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting & Management

Bill Glover, Global Giving

Expertise: Software, CTO Consultation, Making software and technology work for organizations, and Cloud System

Jason Herrick, Pantera Energy

Expertise: Energy, Partnerships and Planning Complex Systems

Parman Reynolds, Reynolds Engineering Associates

Expertise: Electrical Engineering, Economics, Exports & Trades and Business Ownership

Barrett Lynch, Waypoint Advisory Services

Expertise: Planing, Finance, Bookkeeping, Quickbooks and Business Structure

John Marmaduke, JHM Investments

Expertise: Angel Investing, Leadership & Retail Merchandising

Brad Martin, Community Leader

Expertise: Management, Operations, Procedures, Financials & Business Succession

Johnny Mize, Community Leader

Problem Solving, Business Ownership & Negotiations

David Prescott, Talon, LPE

Expertise: Marketing, Planning, Start-ups and Operations

Alan Rhodes, Underwood Law Firm

Expertise: Law, Marketing & Financial Management

David Salas, Altura Engineering & Design

Expertise: Partnerships, Early Start-Up, Financial Management, Pricing Services, and Establishing KPI's

Aaron Sage, Sage Oil Vac

Expertise: Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Intellectual Property & Financial Planning

David Smith, Chop Chop Rice Co.

Expertise: Partnerships, Food Industry, Team Building for Growth & System Building

Joe Street, Street Toyota & Volkswagen

Expertise: Business Ownership, Leadership, Growing an Organization, People Development & Finance

Perry Williams, Williams Group

Expertise: Business Growth, Financing, Visionary Leadership

Mark Wingate, MaxiVolt, Inc.

Expertise: Technology (Hardware), Management, Finance