Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with us!

This week at the WT Enterprise Center we are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week! Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) engages 170 different countries, with approximately 9 million participants across the globe. There are tens of thousands of events that take place to support entrepreneurs during GEW. And because of the exceptional challenges that these business owners have faced in 2020, it is all the more meaningful to recognize the incredible feats that they have overcome.

It is in the DNA of entrepreneurs to press through adversity, and that is exactly what has happened in so many cases of local small businesses. When many companies were forced to temporarily close brick and mortar stores, entrepreneurs used the uncertainty to explore other avenues of business that kept them going. Despite being knocked down for months, the tenacity and grit of these individuals got them through the unknown. Even though we are unable to host the typical events of Global Entrepreneurship Week due to the Coronavirus, we are going to spend the next week honoring these hardworking people for their ability to persevere in unprecedented times.  We are so proud and inspired to be walking alongside many of these incredible entrepreneurs, and cannot wait to see where the future takes them!

This year, we have great “Entrepreneur Spotlights” ready to celebrate the amazing business owners in our community! Not only will you be hearing about local entrepreneurs, but on November 19th, we will also be sharing the winners of the 2020 Entrepreneur Excellence Awards! The awards we will be giving are Mentor of the Year, Client of the Year, Coworker of the Year, the Golden Egg Award, and the Don Taylor Excellence Award. We invite everyone to join us and tag the entrepreneurs who have made a difference in your life on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We will see you there!

To learn more about GEW, click here! 

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