What is Demo Day?

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Demo Day is an accelerator industry term that equates to “showcase”. Startup companies participating in an accelerator program have the opportunity to give their culminating pitch at the end of their program called Demo Day.

Demo Day attendees vary depending on the accelerator program. Some are private invitation events held only for investors or corporate partners, some are open to the public as a showcase event, others are a combination of both.

The startup companies presenting only have a few minutes to present the problem they solve, their solution, business viability and make an ask to investors. Therefore, they have to be very concise in their efforts with a strong pitch and first impression. Grabbing the attention of potential customers and media is an added benefit of Demo Day.

Demo Day is quite the production for accelerators. Making sure the room is full of investors, community supporters, corporate partners and entrepreneurs is not an easy feat but absolutely necessary for a successful Demo Day. The goal of the startup’s pitches is to gain follow-on funding (additional capital) to continue growing their company and/or potential customers. That’s why it’s critical to have the right people in the room on Demo Day.

The startup companies pitching have put in many hours assembling the perfect deck, getting their pitch down to the minutes and practicing an engaging delivery. Most programs countdown to Demo Day from the very beginning, this is an exciting and important event for them!

WIRE Accelerator, the brand-new technology accelerator of the WT Enterprise Center, is presenting Amarillo’s FIRST Demo Day on November 21st! The WT Enterprise Center staff and the WIRE Accelerator cohort have been working hard for the last 12-weeks to accelerate four technology startups that have called Amarillo home during this program. They have gained new customers, finished new phases of their technology, shifted industry focus and gained corporate partnerships.

If you support entrepreneurship, are a tech-enthusiast, or investor in high-growth startups, you absolutely need to be at Demo Day on the 21st! The program will start promptly at 4:30pm with guest speakers, highlight videos, mentor introductions, amazing walk-up songs and most importantly, pitches! After the main event we are hosting a reception with food, drinks, celebration swag, music and the opportunity to get to know the inaugural WIRE Accelerator cohort!

Register to attend Demo Day by clicking here: Amarillo Demo Day Tickets

These are exciting times for entrepreneurship in Amarillo, we hope you will be a part of this historical moment in our community!

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