Blue Sage Pottery – Guest Blog by Kent Harris

Exciting things are happening at Blue Sage Pottery this summer! The two biggest things currently happening are the designing and making of stoneware urns and the completion of the first phase of studio/gallery updates.

After receiving the Enterprize Challenge in the Spring, Kent had to finish up making 700 pieces of custom tableware for a new local restaurant, Six Car, and several custom dinner sets for individual customers. Once all of that was finished, Kent turned his focus to refining the design of two urn forms and beginning to make prototypes.


May and June were spent refining the forms, and we now have some great finished examples of urns Kent will be making this year. We also began Phase I of remodeling which has made our kiln yard a more functional space. Concrete was just poured in the kiln yard, and we are excited that this will allow us to build two new kilns. These new kilns will be used to create some special glaze surfaces for the urns.


Next month, we will be working on Phase II of the remodel which will include revamping some of our interior spaces for better workflow. We are also looking forward to working with a local photographer and local videographer to create some promotional materials. This summer is busy, but we are so excited to be turning our ideas into reality.


-Kent Harris, Blue Sage Pottery


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