5 Reasons Millennials Are Important to Amarillo

5 Reasons Millennials Are Important to Amarillo

Mid-size cities are becoming very popular to the millennial generation as they begin to expand their families and continue advancing their careers. It’s important that communities rally around this generation, as they have vision for the cities they want to live in, raise their children, grow their careers and make an impact in. So, why are millennials so important for Amarillo? There’s a multitude of reasons but for brevity of this blog we will look at five in particular.

  1. Innovative thinking

Millennials like to be problem solvers and challenge the status quo. This has led to advancements in public transportation, entertainment, education and philanthropic initiatives in cities across the nation. Amarillo needs to retain and re-attract our young professionals. Having millennials who are passionate about the growth and advancement of Amarillo is a good thing because it not only helps our city progress but it also attracts the attention of other millennials interested in moving back home or those just looking for a great mid-sized city to live, play and work.

  1. Economic development

Millennials have the most influential buying power at the moment. This is important for local businesses and for city governments. Millennials buying houses means more tax dollars for education and city growth. Millennials fill jobs and own businesses that also contribute to the overall economic growth of our region.

  1. Future city leaders

Millennials are also important to cities as they will be the next generation of government and local leadership. From city councils to school boards, their participation will be crucial for growth of education and cities. Cities that are encouraging millennial participation now are smart for they are bringing up the next generation and getting crucial feedback on current issues.

  1. Family culture

Another great thing for Amarillo and a growing millennial population is the family culture they provide to our community. Cities thrive when we have strong education programs, family engagement and provide opportunities for youth activities. It’s important for communities to invest in youth STEM opportunities, sports, arts and camps. Parents wants a thriving city for their children as much as they want adult activities.

  1. Volunteer and philanthropy

Along with being the largest generation at the moment, they are the biggest opportunity for volunteers for non-profit organizations. The stigma that millennials care about the world and want to make an impact is accurate. This generation wants to give back whether it be through time or monetary efforts. Philanthropic organizations in Amarillo benefit greatly from all generations, but millennials are the next ones in line to continue building up great organizations that have been passed down throughout the years.

These are some of the reasons we love millennials in Amarillo, if you have some thoughts on other reasons they are important for our community please share them with us!


Blog written by: Kyla Frye, Associate Director of the WT Enterprise Center. 

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