Global Entrepreneurship Week Spotlight – Biti Pies

Over the past ten years, Biti Pies have become part of the Amarillo culture. You’ll find them in almost every convenience store, grocery store and cafe in town. The award-winning, affordable pies have gained immense popularity. Their home-cooked flavor represent “the heart of country living.”

But this big business has humble origins. It’s taken years of hard work, dedication and personal investment to make Biti Pies the household name it is today.

The family owned and operated company started up in the mid 1980s in a small house west of Sundown, Texas. The Huffaker family originally started the business as a way to make ends meet. With five children to feed and a passion for baking, they decided to sell their baked goods at affordable prices. Enough to keep food on the table, but still affordable enough for everyone to enjoy them.

The youngest Huffaker daughter was often referred to as the Little Biti. Over time, her nickname was shortened to Biti. As she helped her mother make pies, she would always make a mini version, which the family dubbed the “Biti Pie.” These pies became the inspiration for their business: bite-sized pies bursting with flavor.

Biti Pies expanded in 2003 after the family purchased a diner in Spearman, Texas. Shortly after, however, the resources needed to fulfill the high demand of the pies outgrew the bakery. Owner Aaron Huffaker, fresh out of the Air Force, moved the business to a city with higher economic development. Amarillo, a city with low debt and abundant opportunity for growth, was the perfect location for Biti Pies to prosper.

Since the move, Biti Pies has kept their base in Amarillo, where they self-distribute products to convenience stores, markets and grocery stores in and around the Amarillo area. Amarillo’s stable economy has provided them with an atmosphere of growth, allowing them to increase their production and expand as a company.

In 2016, the business entered the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge. Huffaker’s passion and willingness to learn won the approval of the judges, and Biti Pies won the Challenge, in spring 2017. The encouragement and support of the Enterprise Center has inspired Huffaker to continue to grow the business and support the Amarillo Economy.

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