Leap of Faith


Guest blog by David Salas, Managing Partner of Alutra Engineering & Design, client of the WT Enterprise Center and finalist for the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge

For Altura Engineering & Design, our side hustle has officially become a full-time job.  We made the final leap in October by leaving our comfy day jobs to pursue our dream.  It has been an exciting year for us.  Since winning an Enterprize Challenge grant in March, we have spent our time building the foundation of our business with the help of the WTAMU Enterprise Center staff, coaches and advisors.  We see the potential for growth in this business and we are confident that we can make great things happen.

We are asked regularly why we decided to leave good jobs with benefits to chase something with so much uncertainty.  The answer is that we want to build a business that provides the workplace we have been looking for.  A place that provides the necessary tools to perform your job.  A place that gives you the flexibility to take on projects you like so you can master skills.  A place that allows you to do work that matters.  In order to grow into that company, we will have to attract the right mix of talented and passionate people.

For those not familiar with Altura Engineering & Design, we offer professional technical services to industrial facilities across multiple markets.  Our core business is the development of detailed engineering drawings used to modify facilities.  We are proud to work with clients such as the Valero McKee Refinery in Sunray, TX as well as other clients located in Texas, Oklahoma & Utah.

We are grateful to the Enterprise Center for their support and we look forward to doing our part to create jobs for the local economy.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship?

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