Has the Role of the Salesperson Evolved?

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Has the Role of the Salesperson Evolved?

Some of us have been in sales a long time; others have been sales managers for a long time. I believe what was expected of a salesperson 10 years ago is way different than what should be expected today. The same could be said for a business owner or sales manager. If you are expecting to achieve success using outdated, cold calling, interruption-based sales activities, you are wasting valuable company resources — and your competition hopes you keep it up.

There’s no denying you and your customers have changed. Think about it. What is the common denominator for the following list? XM Radio, DVR, Do Not Call List, Junk Mail Filter, Junk Mail Opt Out List, and NetFlix. The answer is all of these offer a way for people to enjoy their program or life without being interrupted with annoying advertising or unwelcome salespeople.

Business owners or sales managers with “no solicitation” signs on their front doors who expect their sales team to solicit prospective clients and close a deal are living with their heads in the sand. Society is yelling in unison: Don’t interrupt me! If your salespeople are representing your company to your prospects this way, your company is coming across like that loud, abrasive car sales commercial during your favorite TV show.


Are You the Sales Manager Stuck in the Past?

Expecting the salesperson to cold call as many people as possible in hopes of him or her possibly meeting at least one person who might be interested in what you’re selling is unrealistic. As a sales manager, why would you expect your salesperson to squander their days in front of people who don’t care about your product or service? Would it not be better for your sales team to speak with potential customers who are actually interested?

So What’s the Solution?

Internet marketing is the answer! Interested folks are researching online to solve their problems. Showing up during this research phase with educational or helpful information encourages these folks to contact your business. In other words, internet marketing drives interested people to your website, phone, and email for your salesperson to follow up and close. Internet marketing puts qualified people right in front of your salespeople so your salespeople can spend most of their day talking to actual prospects and closing sales. This is a much better use of a sales manager’s sales investment dollars, wouldn’t you agree?


The Customer’s Perspective

Your customer has evolved, too. They expect your company to provide them with relevant, original information when they are searching for it online. This will encourage them to contact your business when they are finished with their research and ready to buy.

Your customer has evolved. Marketing has evolved. Have you evolved with them, or are you stuck in the past?


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