Defining our Culture

Defining our Culture

KylaWritten by Kyla Frye, Marketing Coordinator for the WT Enterprise Center. For more information about incubation and the WT Enterprise Center visit our website or Facebook!

Our culture here at the Enterprise Center is as unique and inspiring as our staff. We created it, with our mix of personalities, skills, professionalism and belief in each other! Last week was a prime example of our teamwork. From Monday to Friday we had a busy schedule with TV and radio appearances, events held in our training room, our monthly Lunch & Learn and an EnterPrize Challenge orientation. That’s a full schedule with a lot of moving parts and responsibilities for everyone! You can imagine some of the issues that come up with that MANY events, meetings and people involved. I am proud to say I work with a great group of people who I call my work family,that steps up for each other.

Our staff worked seamlessly together this week to meet the needs of our clients and customers. When issues came up we helped each other accomplish the task so that we could provide the services we promoted and promised to others. We filled in when others could not be there and made sure it went on as if they had been. That is the definition of teamwork.

We have created such a comfortable and professional culture that our staff is not only jumping in to help each other out, but it’s all done without being asked. I didn’t ask Drew if he needed help setting up in a hurry, I jumped in to help. He didn’t ask me if I needed help when I was struggling to meet deadlines, he jumped in and helped. Not one member of our staff is above or below their title including our directors. We do what is needed to meet the expectations of our clients. That is what an inviting and communicative culture looks like.

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work. We do not compete with each other to see who can make themselves look better, we do not blame each other for our mistakes, we do not let the other fail to say we could have done it better.

Our leaders inspire us to learn, create and develop our skills, we work next to and with our coworkers to insure that every need is being met, we work together to see what new and creative events and programs we can create to help our clients and we celebrate each others successes.

We defined our culture. Have you defined yours?

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