Make the Extra Pass

Written by David Terry, Executive Director of the WT Enterprise Center. For more information about the WT Enterprise Center visit

These days I’m spending a lot of time watching my 15-year-old daughter play basketball.  Her team is pretty amazing. These girls have played together since they were 8. They play great fundamental basketball, they play as a team and they’ve been very successful in their early career.

In a tournament last weekend, they demonstrated one of the best exhibitions of team basketball that I’ve ever seen. They won the game decidedly against a very good team of select players.  After the game, I asked my daughter, “What stood out to you about the game?”

She said, “We did a good job of making the extra pass.”

“Please help me understand what that means,” I inquired.

“When we saw someone open for a shot, we tried to make one extra pass to get them wide open,” she answered. “And it worked every time.”

What would happen in our lives if we employed the “one extra pass” principle? Go the extra mile. Ask one more clarifying question. Do something extra without being asked. Provide an extra measure of encouragement. What would “open up”?



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