A Lesson for Mentors

Written by Brian Whipple, Program Manager of the WT Enterprise Center. For more information about the WT Enterprise Center

In high school I was presented a unique opportunity. My school implemented a mentorship program designed to help kids like me discover passions and prepare for the next step. As a pimply, know-it-all teenager, I really didn’t care. I got paired up with some guy named Tyler Merrick. He put forth a lot of effort and would invite me to breakfast once a month. The reality is that I have forgotten most of what he ever told me. But there was one thing that he told me that stuck. “Smile real big, and be genuine. Those two things will take you farther than you will ever realize.” This is some of the best advice that I have ever received.

The crazy thing is that he probably doesn’t remember even saying it. This fact became the second lesson that I learned from Tyler. . . Watch what you say, because you never know what will stick.

He is now in California, and I just recently found this CNN article about how he is in 1,500 Walmarts nationwide.



What lessons have you learned from mentors past and present?

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