5 Lessons Learned from a Newbie

Written by Kyla Frye, Client Services Coordinator of the WT Enterprise Center. For more information about the WT Enterprise Center visit www.IncubationWorks.com.

After almost a year into my first professional career, here are 5 lessons I’ve learned along the way!

 1. It’s okay to ask questions! No one is expecting you to have all the answers a month after joining the organization. It takes time to fully develop an understanding  of    how your organization works and why you do what you do. Everyone may have a different perspective but for you to really understand the missions and goals, knowing the different views and responsibilities of your co-workers and management can only benefit you in developing that understanding! You will learn more than you ever thought you would by simply asking! Like my boss once told me, “Ask me what time it is and I will tell you how to build a watch.”
 2. Listen. Even if the conversation isn’t directed towards you, if you are in the room, area, water cooler range, listen. Some of the best information I’ve received and most productive brainstorming sessions I’ve been a part of happened by chance. Take a general interest in what others are working on or goals they are trying to reach. By brainstorming with them you just might come up with a few great ideas of your own!
3. Learn to accept change. Being a creature of habit/perfectionist is not always a good thing. Yes, there’s a point in a to-do list and making sure the essentials get done and on time. However, you can’t control every single aspect of the working day. There will be things that come up or situations to handle that are not going to be on your to-do list and may push other task back. Re-prioritize your duties and deadlines and keep moving. No one working day is ever the same as the other and in the land of entrepreneurship and business, change is necessary! Just keep calm and carry on about your business and get it done!
4. Learn from the best. The people around you are a wealth of experience and knowledge, learn from them! The best advice comes from those who have already experienced what you are going through. Ask them, listen to them, and observe them! Having a mentor is not a bad thing; they can help you in more ways than one! Be open-minded and willing to learn.
5. Find your inspiration! Let’s face it; everyone has a bad day every now and then. You get stuck in a rut, lose motivation, spill coffee on your shirt, it happens. Just don’t let it completely ruin your day or progress. Turn on your favorite Pandora station, read a few inspiration quotes, write out your frustrations, take a deep breath, walk away for a little bit; whatever it is you need to do, do it! Find your peace and perspective and get back to it! Only you can define the outcome of your day! Make it a good one!


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