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Why Attraction Marketing, Not Disruption-Based Marketing, Is The Future

Guest blog by Steve Brown, Owner of ROI Online and client of WT Enterprise Center. Why Attraction Marketing, Not Disruption-Based Marketing, Is The Future Did you know that a typical person in the U.S. is exposed to 30,000 advertising messages every day? Yes, that number is correct: 30,000. Those messages come from all directions, 24… Read more »

Rules to Live By

Guest blog by Kim May, President of Nobox Creative and Marketing Specialist for WT Enterprise Center. Rules to Live By Our family is listening to the book, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio and we are obsessed. There are so many lessons in this delightful and beautifully written best seller. Perhaps my favorite lessons are woven into… Read more »

The Multi-Door Problem

Guest Blog by Aaron Howerton,  Owner of Panhandle Training and Consulting and WT Enterprise Center CRM Specialist. The Multi-Door Problem Entrepreneurs have a multi-door problem. In any given situation there are multiple possible solutions. How to structure your business, for starters. Designing the user interface may be another. Or perhaps committing to a long-term lease to… Read more »

Artist, Entrepreneur or Both?

Guest blog by Jacob Breeden, CEO of  Process Art House, client of the WT Enterprise Center and Idea Village participant. Artist, Entrepreneur or Both? Artist/Entrepeneur – Entrepeneur/Artist I am often accused of being a strange “type”. When people find out that I am both an entrepreneur and an artist the standard response is some combination of disbelief, mixed with… Read more »

Leap of Faith

Guest blog by David Salas, Managing Partner of Alutra Engineering & Design, client of the WT Enterprise Center and finalist for the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge.  For Altura Engineering & Design, our side hustle has officially become a full-time job.  We made the final leap in October by leaving our comfy day jobs to pursue our… Read more »

The Top 3 Reasons Small Businesses Do Social Media Wrong

Written by guest blogger, Randi Hudson, Social Media Department Manager at Interactive 360, Interactive 360 is a “one-stop shop” for automotive dealers looking to manage their online content and customers –  follow Randi on Twitter at @RandiHudson.  Randi is also a panelist for the Social Media/Sales Panel Discussion happening next Tuesday, November 12th during Entrepreneur Week!  The Top… Read more »