Robert Austin

Vice President of Student Affairs

Phillip Shipley

Executive Director/Scout Executive

Reagan Hales

Director, Marketing & Communications”

Marcie Cook

Business Teacher

Kyle Ingham

Local Government Services Director

Jay Barrett

Principal of AACAL and Amarillo Online School

Jacob Moreno

Project Design Manager

Angela Lust

President, Longview Strategies, LLC

Amy Henderson Amy Henderson

Business Loan Officer

Mark Marrs Mark Marrs

Sr. Vice President, Interstate Bank

Chris Stewart Chris Stewart

Attorney Burdett, Morgan Williamson, & Boykin, LLP

Mark Wingate Mark W. Wingate

MaxiVolt Inc.

Dr. Neil Terry Dr. Neil Terry

Dean College of Business West Texas A&M University

Gary Sage

Sage Oil Vac, Inc.

Coco Duckworth Coco Duckworth

Director & Owner, Encourage Consulting (Chairman)